Tuesday, April 21, 2015

1/2 way in and 1/2 out

What in the world!  I hit half way in the mission....9 months! It has been 9 months that I have hardly felt pass by. Other than being a little bit tired of sleeping in a twin size bunk bed in a sleeping bag for 9 months I am doing just fine :) Now I actually like my water with gas and mayo with almost everything especially my hot dogs. 

But I am coming up on my full winter in Chile now. After a Summer in the states and then in Mexico and then in Chile with only a week or 2 of rain in between I feel like it is only fair to finally get my winter. We left the other Saturday to work in the afternoon with Fall like weather clothes and at about 6 o clock we got drenched with a rain storm. Everyone says that the rain came late this year but now that it has started it will not stop till September. 

I have to brag about our less actives this week. They have been working so hard with their compromisos and the Ward has been so helpful. They have great friends now and it has almost been a challenge to meet with them because they are always receiving invitations for activities by the members. 

We also had a Zone conference recently. Our president introduced a challenge he had for us. He was going to send a companionship out in the street to look for someone to teach and they were suppose to bring them into our conference to watch the church video called Gracias a que El vive. And then talk with them about it after. He promised this companionship that they would be able to find someone because we would all be praying for them. We were a room of about 50 missionaries. So as the Elders left we prayed and prepared, not knowing who would be the companionship to teach this person......5 minutes past.....and they returned! 5 MINUTES CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!? We should be able to find someone willing to listen every 5 minutes if we do it with the urgency that these Elders had. Thinking that maybe just maybe it could be this next person we talk to who will say yes. That there was not an option to return without someone to teach. In the end the man opened up so much and asked to receive the missionaries in his home. How cool :) 

Oh also I gave my comp bangs. She was wanting a change so I sat her down and gave her one. She feels so much more beautiful and I said a pray after thanking Heavenly Father it turned out well considering a hair accident I had my Senor Year in High School :) 

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  1. "A hair accident" you had in high school?! I laughed so hard! You cute girl ��! The Mission President's challenge is certainly inspired. What a great lesson for all of us. After such a great Mission first half, your last half should be glorious. Gaya con Dios Hermana!