Monday, February 9, 2015

Her Last 6 Weeks

Hermana Razeira and I will be together for 6 more weeks. And then she heads back to Brazil. In the mission they call it dying. So we are doing our best to make the best of her last 6 weeks but not only that, another hermana in our house finishes in the next 6 weeks as well. AND another hermana finishes in the next 12 weeks. Talk about a trunky house. But we are going to have so much fun. And talking about houses I have not said anything about my new house. So I started my mission in Lirquen....the second worst house in the mission and I would  have to agree. And now I am in the second best house in the mission. We have a washing machine which is just unheard of and a carpet!! I have not seen carpet since I have gotten here. I am just use to concrete floors. But we are the closest girl house to Concepcion so whenever there are cambios and there are hermanas who are dying (going home) they come and spend the night in our house. Or if someone who is in Concepcion for the doctors and there sector is 4 o 5 hours away, then they will spend the night with us. So tonight we are going to have 10 girls in our house with the hermanas who are going home. It should be pretty fun trying to make us all have a place to sleep with our four beds. 

We found 2 families! We have not had the chance to teach them more than once but we are more than excited about that and their willingness to receive us. We need to find more than anything right now and we are trying to make it as fun as we can. There was a family throwing a football around the other day in the street. I motioned behind the back of one them to throw it over their sons head and I ran and caught it. We had a good conversation with them. They are not very interested but they gave us the reference of their neighbor who has heard from missionaries before. Another family!! 


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  1. Hermana Lance, you have the perfect sunny personality to turn encounters into investigators and then into believers. Your deep seated testimony and your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will sustain and empower you through all mission challenges and mission thrills. Where you live is not as important as how you live and you are the perfect example of that principle. Keep smiling, keep hugging. The Holy Spirit is right there with you blessing your efforts and guiding your steps. Love you so much.