Monday, February 2, 2015

Bad news or good news?

This week was a hard one for the Nancy, our investigator who WAS going to be baptized this Saturday. She hit a bump in the road. A pretty good sized one too. She is going to need some more time. She is not happy with the date of the 31st to be baptized. And she is not ready to talk with us again just yet. But we know she will get their. She got offended with a question from an interview of support from one of our leaders. It is a lot of changes she has been making in such a short period of time. But she has grown so much through it all. I am proud of her for taking this so seriously. When she prays in front of us she always says how we rescued her, how she is so thankful for all the changes that have come into her life from this process she has shared with us. She gives all the credit to everyone but herself. But she has been such a blessing to us. And I know I will only continue to learn more from her.
Johnathan! Well we did not get to see him or talk to him all week long. He went out of town for work and did not have access to his phone. So we went by and posted a note with an invitation to the baptism of a lady in our ward.....and he showed up. And the members are so great with him. After the baptism we past him later that night walking back to the church because some guys had invited him to go play soccer. People are always sitting by him, explaining things to him, and making plans with him during the week. I LOVE IT! He has great friends and an open mind and heart. BUT...he is going to be traveling to Peru in one week....and for one month. Wow that is a long time without being able to meet with him but it is a good time for a lot of reading too. We are going to have to be diligent to keep up with him even though he is heading fair.
It is super hard to be thinking about someone like Nancy for 3 weeks and just waiting for the 31st to roll around and then not see it happen. But I know it is going to be so much more sweeter now when her time comes.
Hermanita Lance

It was just about time. 

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  1. You can only do what you can only do....or something like that. Nancy is a classic case of feelings hurt and misunderstandings. Just keep loving her and throwing yourself into her path. Jonathan is going to be facing a true test of testimony and heart's desire. Maybe this month in Peru will be a blessing in disguise. Always remember, the Holy Ghost is your greatest companion and partner in reaching golden souls. You sound wonderful, you look wonderful......not so much your poor mission Zapata! Love you sweet Hermana.