Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Already in February!

Being in Nonguen for one month I have seen the work here change incredible. Going from spending all day out in the street under the sun to running from appointment to appointment and now we are back to walking in the sun. 

Nancy told us she was done with us this week. After spending so much time with her kind spirit and heart and praying for her happiness day and night she told us just days ago she was not going to continue with us. The bishop asked for an interview with her this past Tuesday and she was back on track, wanting to see the baptism font and make the plans. But then the worries of the world got in the way and when we called to confirm an appointment she said she would not be there or the next day or any other day we tried to plan for basically. Obviously something was up and we asked her how she was feeling about continuing and she said she was done. She had already seen the changes in her life that she needed. She stopped using tobacco and her family has never been closer....and while we are so happy for all this for her it hurts a bit knowing she is putting a timeline on her happiness. We learned a lot from Nancy. 

But we still have some of the best days. I am so amazed that my comp thinks in Portuguese and I think in English but we laugh all day long in Spanish. It is pretty cool. 

Oh and I have to explain the picture with Hermana Maria Munoz. She has been in her bed for like 5 crazy months or something like that. We have been working with her and her exercises to get her walking  again after a big accident and knee surgery. She can walk over and sit in a chair now. She had a doctor's appointment the other day and she was feeling pretty down. So she called us up and said she wanted to be rubia (blond) for a bit of confidence. We dyed her hair blond! Ha, ha, she sang us songs and her husband taped the whole thing, giving a tour of their house and giving a shout out to my family at home. Too funny, she says we are like her family. Her oldest daughter took her own life at 18 and her second daughter was kidnapped when she was five. So she spoils us like her own. We love her and love seeing her progress.

Not a ton of exito to report this wee
k but no worries. I know we are just keeping our hearts free to give our all to an awesome family we are going to find this week!

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  1. We needed a photo of the new, blond Hermana Munoz! How wonderful to have sweet sisters like you two come into her life with all your health, happiness, and high hopes. You truly are spreading sunshine and God's love to all those around you. Love you!