Friday, August 1, 2014

Still Trucking

I was asked to speak in church on Sunday. So yes it was all in Spanish. I can not remember the last time I was so nervous for public speaking. I will admit I read the majority of it in Spanish, but hey I still wrote it all. I was able to express my testimony without notes. The language is coming. In our lesson this past week I only was lost for a words a handful of times. 


Beans and rice and beans and rice and beans and rice! With every single meal. Some of our poor Elders have had their stomachs turning and lots of bathroom breaks. The food is not even real authentic Mexican food because our gringo bellies would not be able to handle it. They do have a nutella and peanut butter and toast bar that saves everyone.

The Classroom: 

My District!
I counted it up the other day and we send 11 hours every day just in the classroom. From studying, to teaching, to practicing, or computer language lessons. Our classroom walls are filled with so much laughter, stress, and love. This work is so inspired. Even our District 10B (which we call 10 beB) is beyond perfect for each other. I could not imagine even one personality gone. We make those 11 hours fun though. We play games like Spanish Fruit Basket, or relay races with certain Spanish phrases being past along as correctly as we can. It can get pretty funny with ties flapping Elders in the face and Herman's running around in skirts. A lot of our games have no winner or loser but my Elders all know that I will find a way to adjust a few rules to clam a winner. It is the same for volleyball. They advice us not to keep score to reduce the competitiveness but our Elders will ask, If we were keeping score....Hermana Lance what would it be. I tend to always have the answer. 

No H2O:

Do not worry. The CCM goes through 150 jugs of purified water per week. Our casa (house) however, was without running water for a whole week. Some other casa down the same street had messed up pluming so we had to migrate every night morning and in between to another casa for a shower, toilet, and sink. But the plus is that we have a key to another empty casa. It is kinda like our own little private safe haven. 

My Sista Found Me:

Many of you know Eden, my sister is serving a mission here in Mexico. And Tuesday night she sent a little messenger my way. I was walking out of a devotional when a sister missionary called out Hermana Lance. I thought she was just reading my name tag but she then said she had something for me. I was way surprised but even more excited! She explained that Eden was just serving in her church in Mexico before she left for the CCM. She gave her a picture of me for a reference to find out of the thousand of missionaries here with a letter and picture of the two of us. I was hugging her before she was even able to get the letter out of the bag. Too cool!  

Estoy agradicido por  las oraciones y amor de ustedes. 


Hermana Lance


  1. Fruit Basket in English at the Lance house is hilarious so Fruit Basket in Spanish would be crazy wild! "Sangria!!" "Naranja!" So impressive that you are orating in Spanish after only two weeks. And the story of the "Other Hermana" reaching out and sending you love is totally Edenesque. I love you two missionary granddaughters. Handmaidens of The Lord. Ole Teddie Rae!

  2. Of course Mckenzie is keeping score! Beans and rice and beans and rice...

  3. Wow what an interesting story about your school and life. Really like to hear about your life and the things that are going on. Spanish and English are beautiful languages and should be taken full advantage of. My son attends a school in Mexico and he is also very fond of the Spanish language. He is an American by birth.

    Kourtney Heard @ Hansen Adkins