Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top Dogs

It is crazy to think by the end of next week our district 10B will be the oldest district in our Zone. Not only is our district super close but our Zone is too. We have a little devotional together every night to end and the Elders all want to wear pink on Wednesday. Pretty funny! Hermana Vawdrey and I became Sister Leaders a few weeks ago. And we have lost 10 Sister missionaries. Not lost in a bad way, they just left the CCM to go to their missions in Kentucky and California. So we were so excited to get 4 new ones this past week! 

Update on Elder Montoya:

The guy has teeth! The process is a lot shorter than they estimated and he will be able to return to the CCM in 2 months. He still gets to serve in Chile Concepcion and is doing great missionary work at his home in Utah with the missionaries there. Here are the pictures he drew of every one in our class with their personalities. I'm suppose to have the "Mom Look". 

Spanish Words:

I had a rough mix up with a lot of words this week. We were playing Pictionary with 3 teams and had to guess the sentence with the correct grammar in Spanish. And since I tend to get overly excited for little things like this that do not really matter, in my rush of trying to get my sentence out I started saying Jesu Smith. Not Jesucristo (Jesus Christ) or Jose Smith (Joseph Smith) but Jesu Smith. I went right on with my sentence so excited and proud to get a point for our team. My sweet district´s laughter helped my realized my mistakes though. 

And mula.....mula does not mean money in Spanish. I am sure most of you knew that but I somehow did not.  I had to play the role of an investigator during class while others practiced teaching Tithing to me. I said mula a few times before my comp stopped me to say "really". She did not think I was serious but I never fail to give the district a good laugh. Dinero....money is dinero. 

Solo Espanol:

Our district has lots of goals. One of which was to only speak Spanish allllllll day long on Tuesday. We wore stickers on our tags to help others be aware of our situation and lack of ability to respond to them in English. I thought there would be less talking but it was the complete opposite. Everyone talked more than usual. It was so fun trying to understand everyone and was really impressive that we were all able to do it. It was way interesting playing volleyball in only Spanish. Saying good job (bien trabajar, which only means good work) in Spanish or phrases like never again (nuca otra vez!!) and yelling AYUDA ME (help me). My Spanish is a few steps behind our bright Elders with 9 years of Spanish experience. They would all get so excited when I would try to say something in Spanish. It would get silent and they would all turn and grin at me just waiting for something silly to come out. It is all fun though. Messing up helps me retain saying things right better. 
Our district also has a goal of memorizing DyC (Doctrine and Covenants) 4 in English and Spanish. The Elders tease me for leading the class in helping them memorize. It is my own fault though. I can not help using my primary voice when I teach. That thanks goes to my mom :) We memorized 1 through 3 yesterday. Just 4 to 7 ta go! 

I do not think I have ever been happier. I am learning so much about myself, this Gospel, our Father in Heaven, and His Son Jesus Christ. This Gospel is  gospel of service. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly for everyone no matter what life style they are living or come from. I have already filled half a journal with memorizes of trials, love, and the spirit. And it has only been a month.


Hermana Lance 

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  1. You have the very best Mom ever!! Your constantly positive attitude will bring success to all your endeavors, language, proselyting, etc. enjoy these last two weeks because in September you will be moving a very long distance away.