Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So much has changed just from moving sectors about 40 minutes apart no mas.

1. I have never walked so much in one week. There was no progressing work when I got here and we were just trying to find people to teach. When we would go out in the afternoon we would be in the street finding for probably 4 out of the 6 hours in the heat. Which brings me to point number 2.
2. It is so much more dang hot here! Without the sea we get hardly any breeze. And there are mountains all around us! So we are like one big heat hole! So that means I have just the cutest tan lines from my shoes.
3. My companion is from Brazil!! How cool! She is the only sister missionary from Brazil in our mission. She finishes her mission in March and is super super kind! She is 20 and she actually trained my comp from the MTC. So hey now I am learning a bit of Portuguese. And a bit really means a bit! But still it is a lot of fun.
4. Our ward in the church is so loving! De hecho! A member of the 70 is in our ward. I am the 2nd Gringa they have EVER had in Nonguen so that throws a lot of attention my way, but is is all part of The Gringa life here in Chile!
So even though it is pretty dry here physically and with trying to find people to teach we did find Miguel. He is the husband of a less active. He is awesome. He is super afraid of commitments...pretty typical Chilean actually. But he told us the Book of Mormon is true since he has started reading just this past week, that the people are real and that is the best part. And that the power is incredible that is has and the things he learns from every single page. He will be a slow one but he loves to learn. He always has the seats all set up for us ready before we come and has friends in the church already so we just have to get him to put his faith to work! He loves the prophet Nephi in the scriptures. He said when he read about Nephi and how it says he is large in stature he first thought of me.....too funny. They call me altita which means little tall-y. Oh oh! And one more thing about Miguel. Every time we start a lesson he always asks if there are going to be testimonies because that is his favorite part, too feel the power of them.
Oh, and Happy New Years! We spent ours with a nice family from the church and took goofy pictures with costumes and confetti.  But other than that I am just trying to learn the streets and families here. It was a long week but I am excited for the next!

Hermana Mckenzie Lance 

Saying goodbye to my friends and love ones in Lirquen.

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